A few more to add to FEEDING THE HUNGRY album, each day I am out there.

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donations needed- P/W FEEDING THE HUNGRY 120 PORTOLA DR #12 SFCA,94131

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When dear Roxie asked me to post some pictures of the people who need to eat everyday, I decided to ask them if they mind. They were happy knowing their story can reach others to help keep the Project going. MEET MY FRIENDS..,,

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Blessings All..more pictures to be posted

donations please-P/W FEEDING THE HUNGRY 120 PORTOLA DR #12 SFCA, 94131

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WAS SADDENED BUT FEEL UPLIFTED I am beginning this post with a write-up from Huffington Post’s website about San Francisco’s effort to help with our societies problem..ignore the truth in our backyard ie THE HUNGRY HOMELESS. However that written, to see action beginning to take form here to help seniors, hungry and the homeless is uplifting for the future. Those who may not be able to have staying power are the ones who need that daily help..the ones I try to reach. I would love to keep this service going but as I said we will have to close the Project if we do not get financial donations or supplies. As I wrote last the main backer because of personal reasons can no longer send flats of Crystal Geyser water, bologna pkgs, bread, peanut butter crackers, individual box raisin packs, mustard and Best Foods mayonnaise from Safeway. So you see it is a major blow to the project, we are able to feed until mid February..thanks for goodness sake.

Blessings All


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The goal was passed today, the Project has fed over one thousand hungry mouths. It was never a thought we would be needed this strongly and long nor the
knowledge I would receive from people I use to avoid. We could not have had this opportunity if it were not for the many loving Samaritans helping us all
the way.

Many of the people I’ve met are there off and on, moving through neighborhoods but basically day and night they walk and sleep on the streets. It takes a toll on the
best of the lot. Janice, (the older teacher) was in a mood Thursday when I inquired where she had been the past week. She went on a tirate about trying to get a flu shot and the nurses wanted to get into her business etc. My suggesting to her to go to the Health Dept. set her off criticizing the establishment as well as my using white bread for the sandwiches. I don’t and she has only had one lunch pack with cracked wheat bread these seven months. Jacob, (twin) is off the street at least part-time was throwing up violently at a bus stop. I didn’t approach him but it looked like he could have had a touch of the flu. Rick, (snaggertooth) turned up today after not seeing him for a month… quite filthy. It has been so unseasonably cold and I had been so worried about the most of them surviving through it. Tomorrow I will check on the couple for their well-being.

The Project has lost its main donor sadly to say but so thankful for his generous gifts every month. The project will be able to go on for another month however once the funding is out we
will close it down. I will continue posting to the end…

Blessings All

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Sooo Grateful They Are Still

It saddens me the many new faces on the street and in this weather not fit for man or beast! Through all of their misery they say to me..HAPPY NEW YEAR. How mind-blowing and speech stopping when someone who has nothing to look forward for but the same ol’ same ol’. Saying “Happy New Year” is insufficient knowing you are meeting them on the street and not at a party or in a shop greeting a friend. What does one say when kindness is shown to you and you have little to help make their New Year Happy.

The weather slowed up the food delivery which was upsetting, many who are mentally troubled and during the holidays  being hungry compound  their problems. I started taking food and water when I was out for personal errands Saturdays and Sundays. Usually I pass out food week days leaving weekends for getting supplies for the following week. Many new faces are on the streets again, some of the loners are young male adults who seem to have had a psychotic break and not under medication. Feeding themselves as a basic need escapes them until you remind them that they maybe hungry.

My Christmas was represented by it’s true meaning, I asked family members to taper off on gifts for me. My brother decided to send a check to the PROJECT FEEDING THE HUNGRY as my gift. It arrived in time as we did not have enough to get socks and food to start the New year, I was running out of ways to get more resources. This infusion will not last long for the needs of many this winter so again I am pleading, “Brothers and sisters do you have a dime?”….

Blessing All, Happy New Year

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donations needed:


SFCA 94131     



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Welcome all to our new year 2013!  This is the year to have the willingness to care for whatever your passion may be that helps others and in turn helping self.  When we open our Heart Chakra through love and unselfishness we get so much in return. At the close of 2012 the Project had fed 932 hungry people and passed out socks to many. We were funded enough on the holidays to cook turkeys twice for homemade sandwiches.  Making those who were able to get them very happy.  Going forward (if we have enough money) we want to get gloves from the dollar store that will be a big help in the cold and inclement weather. 

The twins have been off the street  for a couple of months which please me and hoping it is for good reasons! Janice, was looking better and not toting her boxes from street to street the other day but carrying fresh groceries. Still there are many taking their places who are cold and hungry. The couple said they are actively through a case-worker, looking for permanent shelter. There are success stories through this misery but like bills they keep coming..


donations needed please  P/W FEEDING THE HUNGRY

120 PORTOLA DR DR #12 SFCA, 94131

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this beautiful holiday season. Share your love so it rebounds to you, listen close to a family member, a friend or stranger who may be reaching out to another human for simply comfort. We do have a lot to give that is not is our time! What a difference it makes for that person who is reaching out for a smile or a kind word. So this season represent what this time of year is all about throughout all

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL and may our ETERNAL PARENT keep you safe and join me on this blog our New Year! Thanks to all that have carried this project this year. Sending my unconditional love to all.

tally 911 ( will post the tally for 2012 next week)

donations graciously accepted-


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Dear Readers,

What can be done with dedicated donors to improve strangers lives..helping to feed those they do not know? A lot.. many have come to the rescue of our project and to say thank you to them is not powerful enough! However this one young lady has repeatedly pulled us out of the fire so we could continue  feeding those on the streets. This young lady is a working American  who  undoubtedly could use the money she has donated for many things in her own life. My business partner and I have decided she is the Patron  Angel for project FEEDING THE HUNGRY.

The project is growing on its own, it came to my attention a senior that has lung cancer who lives alone. ..unable to eat after having radiation and chemo nor having the strength to cook…will be fed by the project as well. Many elderly or seriously ill people will not eat even if Meals on Wheels drop off  food. So we are thinking of preparing something that is warm and can feed this gentleman as well as those on the street for a day at least. Preparing something warm for a change would be a treat for those whose food is almost never hot or warm.

When this project was just a short concept we had no idea what paths it could or would take, people the need is unfathomable  on the streets or even under our noses. We all can help people get on their feet or even have a better quality of life if only temporarily. Please help us to make a difference..

Blessings All

Next Installment: coming soon

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donations needed:


120 PORTOLA DR 12  SFCA, 94131

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Literally the heavens have opened up, raining heavily three days straight which have slowed down my food delivery. In between downpours I would run out to do errands for myself , taking a few sandwiches and water. Of course they were gone by the time I reached the one block to the drug store.

The past week was touching as I gave away a few pairs of sox, trying to pace them out because we don’t have a lot. Sitting on a bench was an older man with his cart sleeping. Waking him up to give away the food and water, I noticed his feet which had a very dirty pair of sox. I immediately asked” if he needed a pair?” You would have thought I had given him a Christmas present when he answered, “Yes nice lady.” They have now become part of my arsenal to make their lives tolerable.  

I realize I have to create a winter diet of sorts to keep them healthy through proper nutrients for the colder weather. People quite often think because we are California it is sunny and warm. True in southern California but northern it is cold and damp in winter.

At this time of the year many are asking for donations and it is very hard to pick plus handle your own family budgets. However for this project there is nothing too small…small can buy loaves of bread , a container that holds packs of cookies ( usually 6)  at the dollar store and of course water ( 3 for 1 dollar) there as well. I can feed a person per day for less than three dollars and they receives five edible items. I know how to stretch donations so many can be reached and satisfied temporally mentally. physically and hopefully Spiritually…

Blessings All

Next Installment: coming soon..

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120 PORTOLA DR #12 SFCA,94131  

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Upon returning home from celebrating a joyous Thanksgiving with family for three days , it was time to get back to the project. Before leaving my daughters suburban area, my son-in-law took me to a store that was a discount market in such of socks for the men living on the streets of San Francisco. By george we found four packs of  Wilson socks three per pack  for less than 3.00 dollars a pack. They also sent me home with sandwich crackers, individually wrapped bags of peanuts, apples and other snacks to go inside the packs. 

Once arriving home with luggage, leftovers and items for the Project …I pretty much wanted to just crash because I knew the next day I needed to get a turkey to prepare for sandwiches . I hesitated but decided to pick up my mail to read once home. So glad I did! In my mail was an envelope from Texas which was puzzling as I only know one person born there and he lives in the city now. I opened the envelope and inside was a neatly folded white paper, opening the folded paper was a bill (money) with no message. Thank you anonymous, thank you.

Sunday I prepared the turkey and sliced it for sandwiches this week. Monday when I passed the food and sox to those in need were thrilled, there was a women I asked if she wanted a turkey sandwich which she asked if I had “roast beef”. I really had to break it down to her that this gift was from the kindness of those who give. “We were not a food bank” I said, she then asked me ” How many do you feed each day?” I told her and not missing a beat she came back with, “You need to have at least 20 per day”. I just looked at her and she then said, “thank you ma’am”. All in all it was a perfect day..

Blessings All

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donations needed:


120 PORTOLA DR #12 SFCA, 94131

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