with the PROJECT, but wanted to share a story I was told on my local bus by an older retired gentleman. We have had general conversations over time on the bus because he is very hard of hearing. Today he began telling me he had a Costco baked chicken with him to take in the core area of the homeless camps. He was given permission by the manager of a Burger King in the area that allow the homeless to come in and get warm as long as they behave. On Christmas he prepared turkey, potatoes there and laid it out so they could have Christmas dinner!

We all can be heroes once in a while..Blessings All


About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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