Upon returning home from celebrating a joyous Thanksgiving with family for three days , it was time to get back to the project. Before leaving my daughters suburban area, my son-in-law took me to a store that was a discount market in such of socks for the men living on the streets of San Francisco. By george we found four packs of  Wilson socks three per pack  for less than 3.00 dollars a pack. They also sent me home with sandwich crackers, individually wrapped bags of peanuts, apples and other snacks to go inside the packs. 

Once arriving home with luggage, leftovers and items for the Project …I pretty much wanted to just crash because I knew the next day I needed to get a turkey to prepare for sandwiches . I hesitated but decided to pick up my mail to read once home. So glad I did! In my mail was an envelope from Texas which was puzzling as I only know one person born there and he lives in the city now. I opened the envelope and inside was a neatly folded white paper, opening the folded paper was a bill (money) with no message. Thank you anonymous, thank you.

Sunday I prepared the turkey and sliced it for sandwiches this week. Monday when I passed the food and sox to those in need were thrilled, there was a women I asked if she wanted a turkey sandwich which she asked if I had “roast beef”. I really had to break it down to her that this gift was from the kindness of those who give. “We were not a food bank” I said, she then asked me ” How many do you feed each day?” I told her and not missing a beat she came back with, “You need to have at least 20 per day”. I just looked at her and she then said, “thank you ma’am”. All in all it was a perfect day..

Blessings All

tally 824

donations needed:


120 PORTOLA DR #12 SFCA, 94131


About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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