As we begin out new month the spookiness from Halloween  is even more scary today and going forward  for the people living on the street.  Came across Janice as I started delivery food (former teacher sleeping on street with cat), she started talking about her fear that Romney will steal the election. Citing that senior women she come in contact with in a neighborhood of elderly whites are voting for Romnut. I tried calming her down with faith that gives to all possibilities and why would President OBama be given to the people of the World by our Eternal Parent to be taken away before the work is done. She then got feisty and didn’t want the people who will vote for Romnut receive the benefits from President Obama’s policies. Leaving her I explain how the World will benefit from PBO presidency and karma will take care of the rest.

The couple I supplement with the food packs told me of their Hallows Eve night on the street where they were verbally attacked by drinkers in cars and on the street. It was so bad the neighbors heard the loud voices and came to the rescue for this couple. One of these people told them to get a job ..she has one and she is 22 years old. The husband yelled back they both had jobs, asking the women if she was living paycheck to paycheck and if she is she could be just like them if she missed a couple of paychecks. Of course with everything else against them having someone to be holier than thou (will always come back to bite you) hurts. It always amaze me how Humans get off stepping on others so they can  feel good about themselves.

I was asked by a guy who sells the homeless Street Sheet ( newspaper that they can get donations by selling) if I could possible get white socks for those on the street. It seems in the winter and rainey season the wet socks worn don’t dry causing food rot. I was told it is more important for socks than food. Going to see what can be done…

Blessings All

donations needed



About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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