I have written before that on the weekends food is not passed out to the homeless because people are generous with money and left over restaurant food. Today Sunday, I needed to pick up items for my self and did so, navigating through many new faces asking for money and seeing the profile of an old street friend.

Jacob, the youngest of a set was fashioning a paper sign asking for clothing which was curious. Never had I seen this approach for any type of hand-out, I asked this handsome young man about his sign and his brother ( Daniel lives in Sacramento with his lady friend). He was full of smiles and could hardly contain himself. He has a JOB!! Starting Monday afternoon working at our neighborhood bakery. This explains his sign he needed clothes to go to work so was hoping someone in the Castro would give him a shirt at least. Pants could be a problem being slim and over 6 feet, I told him he probably could get by with the pants he was wearing..thinking an apron would cover them. He will be a bakers apprentice, he was happy and so was I.

Now since he was getting on his feet, he thanked me for feeding them these past months and gave me a hug. He was getting involve with his Spirituality (which we have never spoken about) and wanted to share with me how lucky he felt. I really wish him Spirit’s guidance and he finds his path. Jacob, wanted me to know the elderly disable man he watched over and who last week I passed out a food pack too is in housing now..miracle Sunday indeed!  I also told him I was writing a blog , telling the stories of personalities I am finding on my journey. Through this blog he and his brother are my celebrities and just today a friend asked about ‘the twins’. Turning to leave he asked for the name of the blog which I pulled out the Project card and handed it to him.  

My dear donator this is one story of what a little can help turn around someones life and you are part of the success stories. At times I think those who get these sandwich packs are getting tired of the same-ole-same-ole..bologna or salami, peanut butter crackers,raisins and a small piece of chocolate but they seem not too. When they do they either are not around or tell me they are alright for today.

I have across the hoarders which I have to politely remind them there are others on the street hungry as well, they then readjust their selfishness and thank me. I still occasionally come across some one who have little respect for themselves so they cannot show me any..initially (wink wink)…

Blessings All

next installation: coming soon

Tally 708

donations appreciated – FEEDING THE HUNGRY 120 Portola Dr #12 SFCA, 94131


About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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