Mondays as I have written before can be challenging because people have drugged, drinking and or put out of their living abode for one reason or another. So on Mondays they are shell shock from the weekend and make nonsense when you approach them. I call Mondays wacky, I never know what I am going to encounter and this Monday was no different!

I had to make my visit to the drug store to pick-up my prescription before passing out the food packs. I was set now with my personal errands taken care of so I walked to the main street( Market)  and got busy. On the corner adjusting her boxes was Janice, I greeted her cheerfully. She complimented me on my attire and started in saying she was having difficulty with her breathing. Continuing with the fact of needing some where to live off the street in a building with an elevator. “Would I call the Mayor telling him there is a senior (women) with heart problems who needed shelter right now”, she said. “Also let him know she is standing on the corner of Castro and Market in front of Pottery Barn.” This lady has a cat and it is likely she will never get a place shelter or otherwise. I explained to her having to reach as many people today to feed I had to keep moving. I did want to know if she needed water or food, she said’ she was ok with water and tries not to eat meat.” I pushed on thinking how she always make sure her lipstick is fresh and her blond long hair is brushed .  I believe she was a knock out when she was teaching and safe.

After I checked on a lady pushing a small grocery cart who has a severe case of osteoporosis and always looks as if she just left the hospital. She took a bottle of water only but looked straight at me and said, “you always look nice.”  I started realizing this is important in some way to them that someone dressed in work attire is servicing them.

 Venturing down Market Street I came upon a new face bedded down on the street. Waking him to see if he wanted a sandwich and water..to my surprise he said , “no to sandwich and wondered about the water because there is some bad water going around as well as food.” I could only look at him, surely my Scorpio eyes was telling him what I was thinking! I showed him the bottle which is Crystal Geyser , after accepting it I left.  I was given a great attitude today and shook off his wacky comment. On the steps of Safeway Grocers was another new face and when I asked him if he wanted any food as I could see he was drinking an iced soda in a large cup. “Would you like a sandwich”, I asked. “Long as it isn’t a knuckle sandwich!” “What?”, I said, he repeated the comment. ” I don’t know what that is” I said. Of course I know that ‘slang’ but didn’t want to give him one up on me.  Taking both he said “God Bless you lady..I am hungry” a few feet away from him sprawled out on the base of the steps was a man who said, “Can I have one?” “Here you go sir” I said to him , giving a bottle water with the pack. Walking on there was a young preppy looking young man sitting on a discarded sofa out on the street. I started speaking to him and for life of him he could not track what I was saying. From the cushions he pulled out a small bag of green weed which I had to bring him back to my question.” Do you want a sandwich and bottle water?” I asked again. He then ask me” if I took debit cards or credit cards?”  Staring at him I said,”they are free” he then wanted to give me the bag of weed. I told him I didn’t smoke weed as I was leaving he was eating.

Last pack left before boarding the bus and Spirit was right on time, standing next to me waiting to cross the street was a man who articulated he needed food . He had enough water today but had no food, when I reached in my bag and pulled out a food pack he said, “thank you ma’am , do you know you are an Angel?” I think I giggled and said,” well thank you sir”. He again said “An Angel!” Time to try and catch my bus, all the food was gone and I was tired..

Blessings All



About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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