Friday was a very long day and at the end of it.. rewarding. It seemed as if I was walking and walking wondering if the police had roused the homeless and they went into hiding. After walking several blocks I started seeing a small sampling of people living on the street. I passed out the packs and water to new cart pushing men, they were polite but again curiosity was there in their eyes. I continued down the street and came across two men who many of us see standing on the median asking for change. These men are usually asking so they can get a can of beer which is not my judgement. I asked if they had eaten, they had not and was thankful I offered them food and water. I decided to double back but on the other side of the street where I met a long time person who lives on the street off and on over the years. He was ahead of me so I called out to him. Turning around and seeing me, he gave a large smile asking “if I had any sandwiches?” I told him I did and gave him the pack. I started giving him his water when he opened the pack to eat. I left leaving him in peace, deciding to walk through the new sitting area on Market Street where teens congregate that live on the street. I usually don’t go through here because of the numbers which are more than food packs I have with me. As I ventured in the area I could see out of the corner of my glasses someone waving, there were the twins..Daniel and Jacob!

Daniel, looked well and said they had gotten off hard drugs all but pot. Jacob, had released the smoke and he too got up and gave me a hug, by then other teens gathered around. Daniel, asked ” if I had any sandwiches” I told him I only had two and one bottle of water. He said ” it is the only nourishment we had for a long time.” I apologize to the others and gave the two to the boys. We wished each other a good weekend and departed feeling  saddened I could not feed them all.

Money donations have enabled us to feed 435 hungry people on the streets and we plan on keeping the project going. We are trying to keep these people going in between their next meal. You can be part of this by sending donations to P/W INC FEEDING THE HUNGRY-PO BOX 14491 SAN FRANCISCO,CA. 94114 email wennyeedwards@comcast.net

Blessings All



About wennye7

I live in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, though inwardly not so. There are so many sheltered by the streets and without so my best friend and I decided we needed to act. We created the project " FEEDING THE HUNGRY" to feed five days of the week. We have fed 242 to date starting May 1st, goal 500 people. July 31st we have now fed 364 on the streets of our city.
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